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 Custom Cakes

We bake made from scratch custom cakes for life's special celebrations

such as birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and anniversaries.


We take your vision and bring it to life via a delicious and beautiful cake. 


All of our cakes are original designs and are made with the custom selected flavors of your choosing. 


We do not duplicate cakes designed by other bakers, or cakes that we have designed

as we want you to have a unique cake just for your celebration.


We look forward to working with you to create the the perfect custom cake for your event!

Single Tiered Cakes


8-Inch Custom Cake


Starts at $200.00

10-Inch Custom Cake

Starts at $275.00

12-inch Custom Cake

Starts at $350.00

Carved Custom Cakes

Starts at $500.00

​Tiered Cakes


Starts at $8.00 per serving


Starts at $10.00 per serving


$25 per flavor

Delivery & Set-Up

Delivery Fee is based on round trip mileage.

Set-Up Fee starts at $50.00

The minimum price of a tiered cake is $320.00 (6/8 inch)

We do not bake cakes that have references to drugs or guns, visible alcohol bottles, or adult themes.

If requested, we will bake alcohol infused cakes/cupcakes.

The final price of the cake is dependent on the number of guests served, design complexity, and other factors such as fresh flowers, cake toppers, cake stand rental, and delivery and set-up.

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