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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

"Some gifts are big. Other are small. But the ones that come from the heart is the best gift at all." - Tinku Razoria

Custom Birthday Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the best! You can give or receive a basket that contains favorite things, a certain theme, (chocolate, sports, spa items) customized color, holiday, or for a special occasion like a graduation, baby shower, or housewarming.

Over the years I have made custom gift baskets for different occasions: birthdays, baby showers, for teachers, etc. It's something that I enjoy doing because of the creativity involved, and the array of items that you can add to the basket is endless.

When creating a custom gift basket, I like to consider the following things:

  • Recipient: What they like, and the occasion

  • Basket/Container: The vessel should have a style/color that aligns with the basket theme.

  • Basket Items: Should align with the basket theme (favorite things, food, spa)

  • Color Scheme: Should also align with basket theme

  • Look of the Basket: Luxury, Whimsical, Elegant, Sporty

  • Small Details and Finishing Touches: Packaging, ribbon, gift card

Ryan at Optimist Hall

In this post, I am making a custom birthday basket for Ryan. If you know Ryan, his style is simple, yet classy, and he likes a little bit of everything. Gift basket shopping for him is always fun. I have made several gift baskets for him over the years, and he likes to research the brands/products that are in his gift basket.

For Ryan's gift basket design, I am using styling and packaging that has uses shades of blue, gray, neutral tones, and black. I created a idea list based on his favorite things and went shopping.

The Gift Basket Idea List:

  • Blue (His favorite color)

  • Music (He's a music lover, especially Motown, Michael and Stevie (no last names needed))

  • Writing Tools - Journals. Pens. (He is a freelance writer)

  • Books (He likes to read, especially about music and artists)

  • Cologne/Smell Goods (He likes to look nice and smell good).

  • Socks (He likes unique socks)

  • Technology/Tech Items (Mr. Technology)

  • Washington Commanders (The Team Formerly Known as the Washington Redskins)

  • Hats/T-Shirts (HU - The Real HU - Hampton University)/Sport Teams #homebythesea

  • Cookies (He likes chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut) I may bake some lol

  • Fun Snack (Laffy Taffy, Pralines, Snickers)

  • Men's Jewelry/Watches (I told him I'm not buying him anymore watches - he has enough!)

  • Fitness Journey (He's currently working on a healthier lifestyle)

  • Word Games (Scrabble, Words with Friends)

  • Crazy TV Shows (Married at First Sight, 90-Day Fiancé, and the list goes on...)

TJ Maxx (I spent a lot of time in here looking for basket items)

Based on this list, I took an afternoon and evening of shopping. Don't judge me. I like to take my time and look at everything in the store. Check out my shopping trip on this Instagram reel.

I ended up going to TJ Maxx, Burlington, Marshall’s, and World Market to search for the gift basket items. I did good with recording my reels and behind the scenes shots in TJ Maxx. The documentation slowed down after I didn't see what I was looking for in Burlington and Marshalls. I did end up getting pillows at Burlington, and some Chimes ginger chews at Marshalls (these items were not on the idea list). The gift basket items were purchased from TJ Maxx and World Market.

Items for the Gift Basket

My shopping technique is to throw everything in the basket that I like, then eliminate items before I check out. My shopping basket in the store is on the left and what I ended up purchasing is on the right.

Gift Basket Items That Made The Cut

Here are the items I ended up purchasing and why.

Another Shot of the Basket Items

Assembling the Basket

I set out all items needed for assembly of the basket (basket, gift items, glue dots, tape, scissors, filler paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and a clear cellophane gift bag.

I was so busy trying to film the reel for the assembly, I did not get pictures of the items used to assemble the basket. But - you can view the assembly of the basket on the Instagram Reel.

Steps Taken for Basket Assembly

  1. Added paper to the bottom of the basket as a filler.

  2. Assembled the basket to ensure the items were placed correctly for logistical and visual purposes.

  3. Used Zots glue dots to stick the items in the basket together to make sure they stayed in place.

  4. Added blue tissue paper for a pop of color.

  5. Placed the basket in clear cellophane bag.

  6. Added ribbon that coordinated with the basket and its components.

Gift Basket with & Without Wrap

I was very pleased with the way the gift basket turned out. It fit my vision perfectly.

Ryan & His Gift Basket

Ryan loved his gift basket and had to let it sit for a day or two for admiration.

He always waits to open gifts. I would have been in the basket as soon as I saw it (but that's me lol) I'm glad that he enjoyed his birthday gift basket.

Have you created a gift basket? Would you like to see more gift basket blog posts? Inquiring minds want to know!

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