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"Baking is Therapy" - Paul Hollywood

Back in 2010, I was recently separated and needed to find a hobby that fell into a category of something that I loved - #FOOD!!! So I started taking cake decorating classes at a local craft store, and found that I really liked the classes and I gained a new skill. I already knew how to bake, I just wanted to learn how to get that look of a perfectly decorated cake.

I found baking to be very peaceful, a good form of therapy, and the end result produced a wonderful dessert. As I progressed with my skill level, baking went from hobby to a business.

I absolutely love the fact that the desserts we provide for clients are all made from scratch, are customized, and provide that extra special touch to special events such as birthday parties, weddings, and other wonderful life occasions. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know that my desserts were a part of someone's once in a lifetime event and helped make the event a memorable experience.

What inspires you to bake?

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