from start to finish

"The icing on the cake is when other people enjoy your vision and support what you do." - Cise Star

Do you ever wonder where a cake idea comes from?  Sometimes they come from out of the blue, sometimes they are inspired by photos provided by the client, or they may be inspired by current trends in the cake world or popular culture.

Here are a couple of my sketches with initial cake concept and the cake.  I am artistic and can draw a tiny bit, but my cake sketches aren’t a reflection of that.

My process for creating a custom cake is outlined below.

1. A call or e-mail is received from the client regarding a custom cake. During the consultation we discuss what they have in mind for the cake (colors, themes, flavors). As the client tells me what they have in mind, ideas comes to mind regarding the creative direction of the cake. Sometimes photos are provided for inspiration. I prefer to design custom cakes for clients so that they can have a unique cake for their special occasion. A quote is provided and once the cake has been paid for, the design process starts.