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“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” ― Ayn Rand

This post may be sensitive to some eyes, but it’s the reality of our business.

As bakers we receive calls/e-mails for cake/dessert quotes. Once the quote is given, the outcome may have a few different scenarios. The client is good with the quote and wants to move forward with their order. The client says your prices are too high. The client requests a discount, or wants to play the price negotiation game. Or we never hear back from the potential client. We appreciate the cake inquiries, but we are in business to make money, not bake free cake. 

Some, not all, may not realize the hard work and especially love that is put into each and every dessert, whether it’s a cake, cupcake, cookie,, or cake pop. Bakers want you to enjoy the desserts, but we have to be also have to be compensated accordingly. 

A lot people are under the impression that if you are a home baker your prices should be less than a brick and mortar bakery. Why should a home baker’s prices be any different from what you would pay at a brick and mortar bakery, or any retail store? Discounts are not asked for and negotiations are not made at Target, Longhorn Steakhouse, or when purchasing a $400 purse from Coach. Why would a home baker be any different? We use water to sanitize and clean our equipment, electricity and gas to bake, internet to manage websites and respond to emails, fuel to drive to the store and purchase supplies, purchase cake education classes to keep our skills sharp and up to date with new cake trends, and the list goes on. 

"It's just a cake, why does it cost so much?" It's really not just cake.  Included in the cake price is:

  • The Baker's Time: It can be a simple cake. It can be an elaborate 6 tiered wedding cake. Remember that every step of the process takes time and vision. Time spent consulting with clients to get an idea of what they want, time to research cake ideas, sketch/design the cake, shopping for supplies, baking the cake, decorating the cake, photography/social media, and cake delivery.

  • The Baker's Expertise: Expertise on baking a delicious and beautiful cake, creating custom gum paste flowers, cake techniques, getting razor sharp edges, and creating custom fondant cake toppers.

  • An Experience: Lastly and most importantly, a cake is an experience, which can make or break an event. Clients and their guests have a visual experience when the cake is first viewed and a sensory experience when the cake is tasted. If the cake that is provided for the event meets the client's expectations, it adds to the success of the event. If the cake is not good, and the client is not happy with the cake, it results in a poor experience for all involved. People will always remember that the cake was good, but will never forget that dry crusty wedding cake.

I say all of this to make a point. Bakers know your worth. Value your expertise, time, and talent. Everyone cannot bake and design a cake. That's why we exist. There are several price points out there for clients. Everyone is not your customer. Stop the undercharging, and price negotiations. Be confident in your talents and charge accordingly. It helps our industry as a whole.

Charge your prices. You are worth it. 

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